As any intermediary CORNERSTONE’s key asset is the Trust it has earned both from its clients and investors. This Trust is built on the quality of advice and service to clients on the one hand, and on the other hand with investors, transparency in dealings as well as suitability of transactional opportunities.

An ambitious entrepreneurial business, CORNERSTONE does not view scale or growth as objectives in their own right as it strongly believes that scaling and growing should never come at the expense of greater goals such as Sustainability and Quality which give Purpose!

Fundraising activities imply Sustainability challenges as they involve a lot of travelling to meet investors on road-shows and extensive use of documents to present strategies. As much as practicable, CORNERSTONE and its clients aim to minimise carbon footprint by using trains over flights and/ or not travelling at all using videoconferencing. With presentations, CORNERSTONE avoids printing as much as practicable and uses instead tablets to go through a presentation with investors: this strongly minimises the use of paper and other resources such as ink and plastics.

CORNERSTONE believes that Talent has no gender and embraces diversity both within its operations and with clients as it has observed that all the clients which it selected on merit alone were at least gender-balanced if not women-led.

Independent and with a lean structure, CORNERSTONE is very selective and offers competitive pricing to its clients to minimise cash-flow pressure especially for emerging managers so that they have more financial resources to build their operations and do what they should be: i.e. financing and supporting great private companies!

CORNERSTONE’s independence is also of the utmost importance as the total absence of politics permits a candid and sometimes blunt advise, given to each client in what CORNERSTONE believes to be in the best interest of a positive outcome.

CORNERSTONE is a keen and enthusiast member of the community supporting a number of charitable causes to which it gives and in some cases for which it fundraises on a pro-bono basis.

CORNERSTONE is proud of its journey and Track record but it believes that “one is only as good as his or her last deal” meaning that the task at hand every day has Purpose.

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